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How to create a perfect logo ?

Sometimes people ask me to know how to make a good logo. Making a good logo is not a easy thing because it depends of a lot a things. First a good logo is not a beautiful logo, because beauty is a matter of taste. Secondly a good logo is far away from what your customer wants because he has no skills in graphic design and communication that why he called you. Thirdly a good logo is never the first logo because you need to improve again and again your first idea.

Just Be!

Be Curious :

You have to be curious about what it is all around you. Observe nature, meet people, read books, watch art expositions. In one word: LIVE. Everything you see, feel or touch can be an inspiration for your creations. You can reuse the shape of a tree to create a logo in a natural way for example. Always keep a sketchbook in your pocket to be able to draw or write something.

Be Seductive :

How to be seductive with your graphic design? It is a very good question. The precision of your execution, good using of colors and typography help you to be seductive because all of your graphic design production will look almost perfect. Nothing to add, nothing to delete.

Be Unique :

Don’t make things like other people. There are a lot of graphic designer. The only way to stand out is to be unique. As I already said, you have to catch inspiration everywhere you are and sometimes you will find a graphic designer with the same inspiration. But at the end the production can be very close or very far to what you did.

Be timeless :

Don’t follow trend, create trend. For example, if you like the typography of a movie poster don’t use it in your graphic design because it is link to this movie, and your graphic design will be passed when the movie will be passed. You can also be timeless if you use your own style and to improve your style. Lack of technical skills is not a style, it is just lack of technical skills. It works with all other lacks.

Be Relevant :

Your graphic design have to make sense because your logo is the first thing that people see. So your logo should be effective for the customers you want to catch. Are they young ? Are they parents ? In fact, the question is : What do I want to transmit with my logo ? You won’t get the answer quickly sometimes but it is important to ask.

Be Simple :

Simplicity helps your logo to be meaningful and effective. Just because less is better, since to much information kills informations. So… use simple shapes, no more than two colors and a impressive font.

I hope you have find some answer to the question : how to create a perfect logo. Don’t be shame to ask some other question in the comment section.

See You !

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